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Niglon LED Dimmer Module

Niglon LED Dimmer Module

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Niglon LED 120W Intelligent Dimmer Module LEDDIM120

The Niglon intelligent dimmer is a programmable module, to enable improved performance, when dimming modern lighting loads. This dimmer is suitable for most LED lighting and can also be used for dimming Mains Halogen, GLS and CFL.

Please Note: Use only on a supply voltage of 200-250V AC

Features Include

  • 3 Mode settings for improved compatibility
  • Programmable for both trailing edge and leading edge
  • Programmable minimum brightness level
  • Compatible with LED, Halogen, Incandescent, CFL & GLS
  • In-built overload protection
  • 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Compatible with most dimmer plates
  • Back Box size is dependent on configuration and setup, a 47mm Back Box is recommended

Maximum Loads - Lighting Type: Push on/off Dimmer

GLS: 200W
Mains Halogen: 150W
Eco Halogen: 150W
Dimmable LED - 1 to 10 LEDs (max 120W)
CFL: 120W

Due to the technical nature of LED dimming, we advise you contact us if you're unsure on your LED dimming requirements. LED dimming can be a headache if purchased incorrectly and there are many factors which can effect the nature of dimming LED. 

Always check with the manufacture of the LED lamps or LED fittings you want to dim as this dimmer module may not be suitable.

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